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On-line Bibliography (ASE-OLB)

The original motivation for this on-line bibliography is to serve as a reference for potential contributors to examples of papers that are considered good conference papers. It also contains seminal papers and papers that help define the field.

The ASE conference began as the Knowledge-Based Software Assistant project meeting (KBSA) in 1986. KBSA was funded by the US Air Force Rome Laboratory (then RADC). The meeting became an open conference in 1989, and in 1990 changed names to the Knowledge-Based Software Engineering Conference (KBSE), established a steering committee, an international program committee, and a proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society Press. The conference was still fully funded by Rome Laboratory until 1997, when the conference changed names to Automated Software Engineering (ASE), and became a self-sufficient conference governed by the steering committee and sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society.

Except where noted, all the papers below have been published in either a KBSE or ASE conference, and are copyright IEEE Computer Society Press. Most of the papers listed were candidates for the best paper award, and longer versions of most of them have appeared in special issues of The Journal of Automated Software Engineering.

The proceedings, beginning with ASE-97, are available on-line to subscribers to the IEEE CS Digital Library. Access to the abstracts via the IEEE CS DL is freely available to anyone starting from KBSE-96.


Reference: Proceedings of ASE-2007: The 22th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. ACM. November, 2007. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Yannis Smaragdakis
Scalable Automatic Test Data Generation from Modeling Diagrams [PDF 694K]
Anita Sarma
Towards Supporting Awareness of Indirect Conflicts across Software Configuration Management Workspaces [PDF 384K]
Yiqiao Wang
An Automated Approach for Monitoring and Diagnosing Requirements [PDF 534K]
Michal Antkiewicz
Automatic Extraction of Framework-Specific Models from Framework-Based Application Code [PDF 349K]
Shay Artzi
Combined Static and Dynamic Mutability Analysis [PDF 232K]
Greg Little
Keyword Programming in Java [PDF 421K]


Reference: Sebastian Uchitel, Steve Easterbrook, eds., Proceedings of ASE-2006: The 21th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2006. Tokyo, Japan.

Nic Volanschi
A Portable Compiler-Integrated Approach to Permanent Checking [PDF 155K]
Leonardo G.P. Murta, Andre van der Hoek, Claudia M.L. Werner
ArchTrace: Policy-Based Support for Managing Evolving Architecture-to-Implementation Traceability Links [PDF 232K]
Peter Weißgerber, Stephan Diel
Identifying Refactorings from Source Code Changes [PDF 233K]


Reference: Tom Ellman, Andrea Zisman, eds., Proceedings of ASE-2005: The 20th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2005. Long Beach, California.

David Saff, Shay Artzi, Jeff H. Perkins, Michael D. Ernst
Automatic Test Factoring for Java [PDF 282K]
Aysu Betin-Can, Tevfik Bultan, Mikael Lindvall, Benjamin Lux, Stefan Topp
Application of Design for VErification with Concurrency Controllers to Air Traffic COntrol Software [PDF 166K]
Yanyan Wang, Matthew J. Rutherford, Antonio Carzaniga, Alexander L. Wolf
Automating Experimentation on Distributed Testbeds [PDF 236K]
Guillaume Langelier, Houari Sahraoui, Pierre Poulin
Visualization-based Analysis of Quality for Large-scale Software Systems [PDF 1310K]
Zhenchang Xing, Eleni Stroulia
UMLDiff: An Algorithm for Object Oriented Design Differencing [PS 281K]
Ana Milanova
Precise Identification of Composition Relationships for UML Class Diagramms [PDF 194K]


Reference: Virginie Wiels, Kurt Stirewalt, eds., Proceedings of ASE-2004: The 19th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2004. Linz, Austria. [Ordering Info]

Taweesup Apiwattanapong, Alessandro Orso, Mary Jean Harrold
A Differencing Algorithm for Object-oriented Programs [PDF 267K]
Mats Heimdahl, Devaraj George
Test-Suite Reduction for Model Based Tests: Effects on Test Quality and Implications for Testing [PDF 187K]
Mana Taghdiri, Daniel Jackson
Inferring Specifications to Detect Errors in Code [PDF 143K]
Matthias Book, Volker Gruhn
Modeling Web-Based Dialog Flows for Automatic Dialog Control [PDF 139K]
Guillaume Marceau, Gregory Cooper, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Steven Reiss
A Dataflow Language for Scriptable Debugging [PS 894K]
Colin Blundell, Kathi Fisler, Shriram Krishnamurthi, Pascal Van Hentenryck
Parameterized Interfaces for Open System Verification of Product Lines [PDF 215K]


Reference: John Grundy, John Penix, D., eds., Proceedings of ASE-2003: The 18th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2003. Montreal, Canada. [Ordering Info]

Gruenbacher, Halling and Biffl
An Empirical Study on Groupware Support for Software Inspection Meetings [PDF 489K]
Memon, Banerjee, Nagarajan
What Test Oracle Should I Use for Effective Testing? [PDF 730K]
Réveillère, Consel
A Programmable Client-Server Model: Robust Extensibility via DSLs [PDF 297K]
Xie, Notkin
Tool-Assisted Unit Test Selection Based on Operational Violations [PDF 322K]
Shlyakhter, Seater, Sridharan, Taghdiri, Jackson
Debugging Overconstrained Declarative Models Using Unsatisfiable Cores [PDF 344K]
Specification and Synthesis of Hybrid Automata for Physics-Based Animation [PDF 300K]


Reference: Emmerich, W. and Wile, D., eds., Proceedings of ASE-2002: The 17th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2002. Edinburgh, Scotland,UK. [Ordering Info]

D. Giannakopoulou, C. S. Pasareanu and H. Barringer
Assumption generation for software component verification [PDF 330K]
M. P. E. Heimdahl, Y. Choi and M. Whalen
Deviation analysis through model checking [PDF 326K]
S. Roach
Experience report on automated procedure construction for deductive synthesis [PDF 425K]
D. Batory, R. E. Lopez-Herrejon and J.-P. Martin
Generating product-lines of product-families [PDF 320K]
R. J. Hall
CpprofJ: aspect-capable call path profiling of multi-threaded Java applications [PDF 322K]
H. C. Li, S. Krishnamurthi and K. Fisler
Interfaces for modular feature verification [PDF 345K]


Reference: Feather, M. ,Goedicke,M. eds., Proceedings of ASE-2001: The 16th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 2001. Coronado, CA,USA. [Ordering Info]

Neelam Gupta, Praveen Rao
Program Execution Based Module Cohesion Measurement[PDF 252K]
Paul Graunke,Shriram Krishnamurthi, Robert Bruce Findler, Matthias Felleisen
Automatically Restructuring Programs for the Web [PDF 113K]
Christian Nentwich, Wolfgang Emmerich, Anthony Finkelstein
Static Consistency Checking for Distributed Specifications [PDF 266K]
Twan Basten, Dragan Bosnacki
Enhancing Partial-Order Reduction via Process Clustering [PDF 87K]
John Grundy, Yuhong Cai, Anna Liu
Generation of Distributed System Test-beds from High-level Software Architecture Descriptions [PDF 316K]
Darko Marinov, Sarfraz Khurshid
TestEra: A Novel Framework for Automated Testing of Java Programs [PDF 144K]


Reference: Alexander, P. and Flener, P., eds., Proceedings of ASE-2000: The 15th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. September, 2000. Grenoble, France. [Ordering Info]

Guido Malpohl, James Hunt, and Walter Tichy
Renaming Detection [PS 638K]
Philippe Boinot, Renauld Marlet, Jacques Noye, Gilles Muller, and Charles Consel
A Declarative Approach for Designing and Developing Adaptive Components [PS 137K]
Robert Hall
Upgrading Legacy Instance of Reactive Systems [PS 143K]
H.M. Harmain and R. Gaizauskas
CM_Builder: An Automated NL-based CASE Tool [PS 165K]
Willem Visser, Klaus Havelund, Guillaume Brat, and SeungJoon Park
Model Checking Programs [PS 112K]
Shahrul Azman Noah and Michael Williams
Exploring and Validating the Contributions of Real-World Knowledge to the Diagnostic Performance of Automated Database Design Tools [PS 678K]
Raul Monroy
The Use of Abduction and Recursion-Editor Techniques for the Correction of Faulty Conjectures [PS 123K]
J. Michael Moore and Frank M. Shipman III
A Comparison of Questionnaire-Based and GUI-Based Requirements Gathering [PDF 143K]


Reference: Hall, R., and Tyugu, E., eds., Proceedings of ASE-99: The 14th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. October, 1999. Cocoa Beach, Florida. [Ordering Info] [Online Proceedings]

Lance Tokuda, Don Batory
Evolving Object-Oriented Designs with Refactorings [PS 214K]
Keith Williamson, Michael Healy
Industrial Applications of Software Synthesis via Category Theory [PS 629K]
David S. Wile
AML: an Architecture Meta-Language [PDF 66K]
Arthur Alexander Reyes, Debra J. Richardson
Siddhartha: A Technique for Building Domain-Specific Test Synthesizers [PS 590K]
Martin S. Feather and Ben Smith
Automatic Generation of Test Oracles - From Pilot Studies to Application [PDF 166K]
Jon Whittle, Alan Bundy, Richard Boulton and Helen Lowe
An ML Editor Based on Proofs-as-Programs [PDF 127K]
Hassen Saidi
Modular and Incremental Analysis of Concurrent Software Systems [PDF 150K]


Reference: Redmiles, D. and Nuseibeh, B., eds., Proceedings of ASE-98: The 13th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. October, 1998. Honolulu, Hawaii. [Ordering Info] [Online Proceedings]

Bernd Fischer
Specification-Based Browsing of Software Component Libraries [PDF 145K]
Kurt Stirewalt, Spencer Rugaber
Automating UI Generation by Model Composition [PDF 95K]
Robert J. Hall
Explanation-based Scenario Generation for Reactive System Models [PDF 278K]
Barbara J. Czerny, Mats P.E. Heimdahl
Automated Integrative Analysis of State-Based Requirements [PDF 88K]
Armando M. Haeberer and Thomas S. E. Maibaum
The Very Idea of Software Development Environments: A Conceptual Architecture for the ARTS Environment Paradigm [PDF 298K]
Raúl Monroy, Alan Bundy, and Ian Green
Planning Equational Verification in CCS [PDF 744K]


Reference: Lowry, M. and Ledru, Y., eds., Proceedings of ASE-97: The 12th IEEE Conference on Automated Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 1997. Lake Tahoe, Nevada. [Ordering Info] [Online Proceedings]

Scott Henninger
Tools Supporting the Creation and Evolution of Software Development Knowledge [GZIPd PS 197K]
Alessandro Armando, Alan Smaill, and Ian Green
Automatic Synthesis of Recursive Programs: The Proof-Planning Paradigm [GZIPd PS 53K]
Sandrine Blazy and Philippe Facon
Application of formal methods to the development of a software maintenance tool [GZIPd PS 1.15MB]
Jean-Francois Girard, Rainer Koschke, and Georg Schied
A Metric-based Approach to Detect Abstract Data Types and State Encapsulations [GZIPd PS 52K]
Renaud Marlet, Scott Thibault, and Charles Consel
Mapping Software Architectures to Efficient Implementations via Partial Evaluation [GZIPd PS 43K]
Houari Sahraoui, Walcelio Melo, Hakim Lounis, and Francois Dumont
Applying Concept Formation Methods to Object Identification in Procedural Code [GZIPd PS 144K]


Reference: Welty, C., ed., Proceedings of KBSE-96: The 11th Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. September, 1996. Syracuse, New York. [Ordering Info] [Online Abstracts]

Thomas Ellman and Takahiro Murata
Deductive Synthesis of Numerical Simulation Programs from Networks of Algebraic and Ordinary Differential Equations [PS 170K]
Jason E. Robbins, David M. Hilbert, and David F. Redmiles
Extending Design Environments to Software Architecture Design [PS 879K] [PDF 132K]
Alex Quilici, Qiang Yang, and Steve Woods
Applying Plan Recognition Algorithms to Program Understanding [PS 90K]
Terence J. Harmer, Patrick J. McParland and James M. Boyle.
Using Knowledge-Based Transformations to Reverse-Engineer COBOL Programs


Reference: Setliff, D., ed., Proceedings of KBSE-95: The 10th Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering. IEEE CS Press. November, 1995. Boston, Mass.

W. Lewis Johnson and Ali Erdem
Interactive Explanation of Software Systems. [GZIPd PS 140K]
Chris Welty
Towards an Epistemology for Software Representations. [GZIPd PS 31K] [PDF 77K] [HTML]
Yves Ledru
Specification and Animation of a Bank Transfer. [GZIPd PS 49K]
Michael Lowry and Jeff Van Baalen
Meta-Amphion: Synthesis of Efficient Domain-Specific Program Synthesis Systems. [GZIPd PS 57K]


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